Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is everyone growing algae for biodiesel?

Seems like alot of academic research these days is focusing on algae as a potental fuel source for biodiesel. But instead of cranking out a 50 pager no one will ever read, Michelle Sabaoun and Doug Holland at Brunswick Community College are growing their own algae to convert into biodiesel which they hope will allow them to power tractos and other equipment at the college. By the way, where is MIT or Caltech when an energy crisis rears it's ugly head? Can we get some relief here from the brilliant among us? In any case, what I found interesting in the article here was this excerpt:

The technology to convert algae into a biofuel is becoming more and more sophisticated as research spreads through private industry and academia. But Sabaoun notes that the research is not shared, which is not surprising considering the potential economic windfall that could come to whomever figures out the most economical conversion process.

Hey valcent, is anyone in academia furthering your studies? Contact me and let's discuss.

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