Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Algenol lands $100Mil licensing fee

Biofields has licensed Algenol's algae production technology and is building an $850Mil algae farm in the Sonoran desert according to this CNET Article. Algenol's approach is a little different from Valcent's vertigro approach in that it intends to derive ethanol directly from algae enhanced to produce it.


Brandon Alford said...

I'm curious - what is the key difference between Valcent and Algenol companies? I'm interested in investing, but have just started research on this topic.

b said...

One big difference is Algenol has hundreds of millions invested in infrastructure to carry out their strategy. Valcent appears to have far less invested in commercial production. It seems like Valcent may be behind...but as for the relative merits of the technologies involved....I dont know enough to be of much use.

Cleetus said...

Another advantage is Algenol is sprinkling baby giggles and magical dust over their algae. Both are just hyype...anybody seen any of this fuel? What are they just throwing it away after they make it?