Saturday, June 28, 2008

Algae to Biodiesel News Roundup

There's been alot of activity and news surrounding the idea of growing algae and turning it into biodiesel. First, an Israeli firm Seambiotic Ltd is partnering with Seattle-based Inventure Chemical to build a pilot plant in Israel. Hhhhmm, I'll spare you the analysis of the idea of Israeli algae-based biodiesel biofuel vs Arab oil. Seambiotic developed it's own strains of algae and they grow it on an open pond. I wonder if it could grow in the Valcent vertigro system?

In related news, Science Daily explains to us that a couple Kansas State University scientists think the algae that grows in the oceans could possibly be harvested. The National Science Foundation gave these guys ~$100k to do their study. Excerpt: "Certain algal species are high in oil content that could be converted into such fuels as biodiesel, according to Pei and Yuan. " Also of note was Pei on the goal of the research, "to develop a cost-effective process for growing algae on solid carriers in the ocean for biofuel manufacturing."

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