Saturday, June 28, 2008

Advantages of Vertical Growing

I've embarked on a little self education effort to learn more about vertical growing as a function of my interest in utilizing algae to make biodiesel and vertigro. The idea of vertical farming was something that I had actually been thinking about prior to learning about Valcent and its Vertigro approach. Recently, I came across this list of advantages of Vertical Growing. I'll post the first 15 of 25 and refer you to the originating document for the rest. But here's the list:

1) Space savings: 3-8 times more plants per acre with vertical growing.
2) Less energy and less water (up to 85% savings on water)
3) Less diseases, especially from soil (no soil splattering)
4) Less contamination, especially from soils or irrigation water.
5) Little or no herbicides
6) Longer seasons: soil temperature and rainfall not a factor
7) Higher market prices in the “Off” season
8) Direct sales: cleaner, harvest standing up, no washing, etc.
9) Soil type is not a factor.
10) Excessive rainfall is less damaging.
11) Less fertilizer waste: Organic possibilities
12) Less water waste (Water Management approval)
13) Less Pesticides (no soil sterilants such as Methyl Bromide or Vapam)
14) Less water used for misting or “watering in” in field crops.
15) Crops: Strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, herbs, etc.

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GalP said...

Looks very nice for non agricultural uses. The problems I see are mainly maintaining a good waterproofing system.
In terms of agricultural uses, well, not very practical, difficult to harvest, very difficult to cultivate and therefore not economical...but pretty : )