Saturday, June 28, 2008

Going Off Grid???

I maintain 3 related blogs: one on HHO Gas and hydrogen fuel injection systems, one on Eestor Ultracapacitors and the one you are reading. My interests in this area are not unlike the millions of others who are paying outrageous prices for fuel now. I'm happy to be doing a small part related to getting information out to people about alternative energy solutions.

My interests have grown to where I'm considering the degree to which I could go off grid in my Washington DC area townhouse. My research on this is just starting and I might start a new blog on the topic if there's enough material. For now, I'm probably going to go ahead and purchase these Ebooks on the topic. Drop me a note if you've got any ideas around this topic.

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Jay Draiman said...

You must serve as an example in implementing energy efficiency.

I think if corporate America is serious about energy conservation; it must start with people at the top and roll down from there to the rest of the executives and employees.

In order to accomplish such an important mission as energy conservation every executive and employee has to believe that what he is doing is the right thing.

They must practice the same attitude at home and implement energy conservation at home. This attitude will carry on to the workplace.

First thing that must be done is, each employee should be asked what has he/she done in their own lives to conserve energy, and than if the answer is positive advance the initiative from there, if not an education process must be implemented to drive the process home once this process has been achieved, it will be easier to get everyone to participate in energy conservation.

The motive and behavior has to come from within each individual person – it must become part of a routine practice – it must become a way of life – reducing waste in any form.

In today’s rising cost of energy – conservation must become a national theme.

Jay Draiman, Energy Analyst