Friday, December 12, 2008

Darpa Making Algae Jet Fuel

Interesting Wired Article:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wired on Biofuel for Planes

Are biofuels for planes in our future?

Global Green Divests from Valcent

Global Green Solutions Inc. has reduced it's exposure to the algae to oil product called Vertigro developed by Valcent Inc. According to Biodiesel magazine, at least one of the reasons is the additional R&D required to keep the project moving forward.

It's been awhile since I've blogged about algae to oil. I've been thinking about widening the scope of this blog to include all efforts to produce oil from algae and not focus so much on Valcent. Sound off with your comments. I think what I'd like to do is build out a community forum with blog, chat and forums.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Verticrop launch

A little news article on the launch of Verticrop by Valcent.  Here's what Valcent has published (taken from their website) as teh major benefits of the new system:

VertiCrop is an innovative and exciting vertical growing system which:

  • Produces approximately 20 times the normal production volume for field crops
  • Requires 5% of the normal water requirements for field crops
  • Can be built on non arable lands and close to major city markets
  • Can work in a variety of environments: urban, suburban, countryside, etc.
  • Minimises or eliminates the need for herbicides and insecticides
  • Will have very significant operating and capital cost savings over field agriculture
  • Will drastically reduce transportation costs to market, resulting in further savings, higher quality and fresher foods on delivery and less transportation pollution
  • Is modular and easily scalable from small to very large food production situations

Monday, July 7, 2008

Call for Interviews

Are you making your own biodiesel from algae?  Get in touch with me so we can interview you and describe your efforts to the 3000 people visiting this blog every month....with possible exposure to the 45000 readers of the rest of my blog network.  email me at

Algae Commercialization: Business Roundtable, Research and Networking Forum

Thanks to the National Algae Association, we have folks making it easier for all of us to take advantage of oil derived from algae.  Years ago, they were just focused on clearing algae from golf course lakes so people could find balls accidently hit thata way.  But now, they are using their experience to further algae businesses.  Nice switch around there folks.  OK, only kidding.

On July 17th, they will be holding their Business Rountable at the Woodlands, TX.  The agenda looks pretty green to me.  The admission is $100 for Non members but includes cocktails so maybe that's a bargain in relation to your drinking habits? 

Fields of Fuel Interview and Solazyme segment

Here's an interview on the Matter Network of the makers of the film Fields of Fuel.  Directory Josh Tickell and produce Greg Reitman are interviewed. I haven't seen the film but apparently there is a piece on algae as a producer of biodiesel.  Here's the section of the movie on Solazyme, another company producing biodiesel from algae.  Back in January, it was reported that Solazyme inked a deal with Chevron. 

The film won the Sundance Audience maybe it will make it to theatres?