Wednesday, May 14, 2008

IEEE Article

Wow. The credibility meter is starting to tick up since we now have an article fro none other than the IEEE (website concerning Vertigro and Valcent. 

This is the article you will want to read to really begin understanding what Valcent is up to with Veritigro.  Excerpt:

Once the algae density reaches a predetermined level—say, 1.5 grams per liter of fluid—the harvesting begins. Over a 24-hour period, half the fluid is skimmed off, the algae is removed, and the water is returned to the tank. Because the skimming rate is set to match the rate at which the algae will grow back to their original density, the system becomes a continuous process, perpetually generating oil as long as CO2 and sunlight are available, says Kertz.


Steve Roth said...

You have a link for that article?

roid said...

here's the link to the article

roid said...

This article was kinda nuts, their figures were all over the place (which is odd for the IEEE).

The yield they cite for palm oil is a mere 1/5th the ACTUAL yield of palm oil.

And the yields they cite for Vertigro is 5,131gallons/acre, which is even lower than the figure GreenFuels is now citing. At this rate they'll have to use not 1/10th, but 4/10ths of the state of New-Mexico.

I dunno if they got any of these figures right, they are either totally off and/or Valcent has significantly changed their tune.